About Me

Attempting to escape the bucolic town of his youth Fernando's right brain grew up on a diet of National Geographics strewn across the coffee table, Jolly Rancher's hidden in the sock drawer and Jacque Cousteau/ Marlin Perkins wildlife adventure specials on TV.

Once in college and counseled to find something useful to study Fernando's left brain backed into a Psychology major by accruing sufficient credits although it was a toss up between that and Philosophy. Finding neither head in the clouds academia nor clinical research on rats appealing he went back to Art School much to his father's dismay. In Art School working with his hands he was much happier. So he went traveling to pursue his lifelong passion in ethnography and cultures.The backpack finally came off 10 years later after travel assignments in Spain, Bolivia, Turkey, Thailand and Patagonia.

Now he shoots in his studio and on location for advertising, corporate and non-profit clients. 

client list



Global ID.com

CAI (Capps.com)

Unity Games


Dechert LLC

Clif Bar

Ross Company (NYC)


Hayden AI Technologies


Kinestral Industries

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